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This month’s contribution to the tour is an interview with author Hugh Fritz. Mr. Fritz will discuss genies, writing as a profession, and advice for future (female) writers. As always, make him feel welcome, ask lots of questions, and comment all you want.

The next blog book tour, BookWorm will be participating in is for author Jackie Rod’s book Georgia Stories on my Mind in January (25th) and February (8th). It sounds like it might be an anthology series. So I look forward to reading it, interviewing her, and reviewing it for you.

Here’s my interview with Mr. Fritz:

Q: What made you choose this subject matter?

I chose all-powerful Genies as main characters to make setting up the suspense more challenging. I purposefully overpowered them by giving them rapid healing, exceptional speed and strength, and to top it all off, magical powers. All those things made it difficult to come up with a villain capable of threatening them physically, which provided motivation to develop them internally. The story progresses because the Genies have a strong attachment to people who do not share their abilities. I feel like this gave the story more depth, and helped readers connect with the characters, whether they were Genies or ordinary people.

Q: What made you choose writing as a profession?

Writing has been a fun way to research topics that I probably would normally not consider looking into. Even when working on a fantasy novel I try to base some of it on reality. While working on this story, the character who gave me the most to research was Soleil. I spent a lot of time looking into how different toxins affect people, although I tried to avoid getting too technical when working them into scenes where he poisoned people.

Q: Do you have any advice for future writers? Especially women?

If you’re like me you have a lot of story ideas and are worried you will never have time to write them all, or are not sure which one to write first. Instead of treating each idea as its own story, you might want to consider mashing them together. If you like crime dramas, try imagining a character from one story being considered a suspect for a something that happened in another, or if you’re into young adult novels, try having two characters find out they go to the same school.

I considered this while reading J.A. Konrath’s books. Once in a while his characters make a phone call to someone in a different book that he wrote. It made his books more interesting so I tried doing something similar. I enjoy writing action scenes so I thought about what a fight between my Genies and characters in some of my other stories would look like. It was so much fun that I introduced two new characters in the epilogue of Made to Be Broken. (So technically this series is a crossover, but it consists of material that was never released). I feel like this was the right decision because if I did not write about the Old Ticker now I probably never would have gotten to him later, and my initial idea for Inspector R.E.D. was not nearly as exciting as Mystic Rampage. Time can be difficult to manage, and sometimes the only way for a character to see the light of day is to throw them into another universe.

Q: Use this space to give yourself a shameless plug about this work/any other works/your


I would like to give a shout-out to other authors who have been critiquing my work and without them I would not be published.

Suicidals Are the True Believers by Sean P. Hall is available on Amazon. It’s a futuristic science fiction novel that is disturbing and twisted, but in a good way.

Marie Parks is working on an urban fantasy called The Grigori Books which is expected to be published soon. You can Google her name and the word “Grigori” for more information.

Soul Crossing is a web comic by Mia Casesa and can be found on Web Toons. She has been working on the artwork and the text for a long time and it is a fantastic story.

About Hugh Fritz:

Find out more about Hugh at his great website: http://www.hughfritz.com/

 ·         Print Length: 264 pages

·         Publisher: Golden Word Books (May 5, 2019)

·         Publication Date: May 5, 2019

·         ISBN-10: 1 948749432

2 thoughts on “WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Book Tour for Hugh Fritz’s Novel “Made to be Broken”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to interview me. Some of the questions caught me by surprise and helped me open up about myself.

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