WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Book Tour for Author Leona Stucky’s “THE FOG OF FAITH:MY IMPOTENT GOD

Hello Bookworms; Welcome to another blog book tour with our friends from WOW  (Women on Writing). Today’s guest author is Leona Stucky. The work we are posting about today is her memoir,  The Fog of Faith: Surviving My Impotent God.  The subject for today’s post “Recognizing Evil-An Underbelly Job”. Ms. Stucky will be stopping through. […]

Pat G’Orge-Walker Q&A

During the early 1970’s I created the Sister Betty series. It was and still is my intention to shine a light, using humor, on God’s goodness, mercy and grace. It’d started because being a PK (preacher’s kid), I didn’t like going to church, hearing a wondering sermon and then have it snatched away by someone saying or doing something stupid after service. I would go home and write down my observations. I created Sister Betty as God’s Right-hand Gal to thwart the evils of the characters.