Live Jazz at the Idle-A-While: Urban Jazz Coalition

Here’s some footage from my Friday night at The Idle-A-While Bar and Restaurant. The name of the band is Urban Jazz Coalition. And here’s my summary….

I forgot to mention in my summary that the Idle-A-While has EXCELLENT FOOD as well.

Janet Jackson’s STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR: My Summary

Hello Bookworms;

Here’s the summary/review I promised.

As you can see everyone had a blast and the place was packed. I was unable to post any video footage (website act up) But here’s my summary (click here ) anyway.

I had fun. Pleased if you get the chance to get tickets and go if Janet comes to your city or near your city. You WON’T be disappointed.

Gospel Performing Arts Expo 2017: First Night

Theme for Both Nights: “Return of the Levite”

Here is some video footage of the first night of this weekend’s Gospel Performing Arts Expo 2017.





And here’s the audio for the Premium Showcase featuring Phil Smedley and his band and guest vocalists <—-click here.

And here’s my summary of tonight’s portion of this event <click here>

Concert Review: Kool and the Gang

Here’s my concert review for the Kool and the Gang show at Lock 3 in Akron, Ohio.

As you can see, it was pretty drizzly and wet, but we still had a good time.

And as you can see, the weather didn’t stop our fun or slow down our good time.

Click here to hear my review,

Concert Review: 90’s Fest in the Columbus Commons

Hello Bookworms,

Here’s my review of the 90’s Fest that took place at the Columbus Commons in downtown Columbus Ohio. Here are pictures from the event:

And here is some concert footage of the bands…..

From the top down are: DJ Suga Ray, C and C Music Factory, Saved by the 90’s, and 17th Floor.

And next are the headliners, TLC….

And here’s my review (click here). I had a blast!! For my next planned concert I’ll be returning to Lock 3 in Akron, Ohio to see Kool and the Gang, September 2. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

Concert Review: George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at Lock 3

Hello Fellow Bookworms,

 Here are some pictures of my trip to Lock 3 in Akron, Ohio at the George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic concert. 

As you can see, we enjoyed ourselves. Lock 3 is a wonderful venue for a concert like this. Here’s my review ——>click here <——