WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Book Tour for Mari L McCarthy’s “Heal Yourself through Journaling Power”

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Here’s the first leg in my participation in WOW’s blog Book Tour for Mari L. McCarthy’s Heal Yourself through Journaling Power. In this week’s post I’m including a guest post on the subject of journaling power for emotional health and an interview with Ms. McCarthy.

Journaling for Emotional Health:

When you decide to be more attentive to your physical health, you usually know where to start. You may strive to eat more vegetables, go for morning walks or quit smoking. But what about when you want to care for your emotional health? What steps can you take to make it as much of a priority as your physical well-being? 

Journaling has a way of shining a light on your inner life. In the pages of your journal, you can safely express all of youremotions, fears and desires. Regular journaling will help you define what you are feeling and why, giving you insight into what is going well in your life and what you’d like to change. 

Try one of these journaling exercises to give your emotional health the attention it deserves. 

 1. Name That Emotion 

 Ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now?” Can you identify your emotions – boredom, worry, frustration, happiness, enthusiasm? Notice and name your current feelings in your journal. Explore why you might be feeling a certain way and how your emotions are affecting your actions. This processhelps you build self-awareness, minimize the impact of negative emotions and make healthy changes. 

 2. Let It Out

 When you are feeling unpleasant emotions – anger, shame, sadness, envy – give them an outlet in your journal instead of bottling them up. Vent about whatever is bothering you, jotting down stream-of-consciousness thoughts until you feel you don’t have anything else to say. 

3. Gather Gratitude 

A funny thing happens when you practice focusing on the positive moments in your life: you notice more and more of them and encourage an attitude of gratitude. Positive psychology research shows that simply remembering and writing down three good things that happened to you in a day can give you a huge happiness boost over time. 

 Every day for at least a week, write a detailed description of three things that went well that day. Why do you think it happened? How did you feel at the time? How do you feel now, looking back on it? The items on your list can be as small as, “I sat in the sunshine during my lunch break,” or as big as, “I finished my last round of chemo today.” 

Incorporating journaling into your daily routine – even just a few minutes a day – can have a remarkable impact on your emotional health.

The Interview:

Q: What made you choose this subject matter?

My Journal prompted me in this direction. She’s my muse and mentor. We’ve been partners for 21+ years and she’s always sending me universal messages and one day the message, journaling power trilogy, appeared so I knew it was time to write and publish my journaling power experiences. With her help, I published the first book in the trilogy Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Want To Live in 2016 which is an introduction to Journaling Power. It was my Journaling Journey story. I call it a self-help memoir as it contains lots of practical exercises for people to create and enhance their own life-changing journaling practice. The second book in the trilogy, Heal Your Self With Journaling Power, the book I just published, focuses on the Journaling Journeys of 10 other writers and how they use journaling to master life’s mental, physical, and spiritual challenges. My Journal and I have so far created a title for the third book in the trilogy Create Unconditional Self-Love – A Journaling Power Book which will be another self-help memoir about my journey from self-sabotage to self-love.

Q: What made you choose writing as a profession?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I majored in journalism looking for a practical major that would help me be a success in the real world. After a short stint as a weekly newspaper editor, I set off into the business world and then the only writing I did was business reports. A health challenge forced me off the road (I owned a management consulting firm traveling 24/7) and I took up journaling (Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages) for physical therapy purposes only since I’d lost most feeling on the right side of my body and needed to teach myself how to write with my left hand. But lo and behold, Journaling opened up many, many memories and I remembered how I loved words, writing essays and stories and I was back into the writing profession.

Q: Do you have any advice for future writers? Especially women?

Keep a Journal. Pen to Paper every day. That way, you’ll stay connected to your Muse, your Inner Writer, your True Self. Inner Critics hate it when we take care of ourselves first. So write, write, write in your Journal every day and you’ll never encounter page fright, writer’s block or other literary ailments.

Q: Use this space to give yourself a shameless plug about this work/any other works/your website(blog)?

I’m the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of, The Journaling Power Center. I mentor health conscious writers in using Journaling For The Health of It, also known as therapeutic journaling, to heal the issues in their tissues and grow and transform their life. We have tons of resources: complimentary ebooks, 375 unique and soul searching Journaling Power Prompts, a Journaling Power Journey Blog where other writers share their journaling experiences and AHA adventures, and a store with 20+ Journaling Power workbooks that cover life challenging topics such as Empower Your Self, Heal Your Life and Journal Magic For Writers.

Please come visit and please always #JustWriteON!

Here are the remaining dates for the tour:

As always, make Ms. McCarthy feel welcome feel free to post any questions you have in the comment section of this post. Next week I’m posting my review and all additional information about the program. Have a blessed day and enjoy 😉

WOW Blog Book Tour for Rina Z. Neiman’s “Born Under Fire”

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Who is this strange lady in the video below? Click on it and find out….

Now that we’ve answered that question, here’s a link to the promotional video for the book.

And here’s the media press kit information for the tour. I look forward to seeing y’all. Hopefully, I didn’t scare you with the above video. 😂😂😂

Rina Z. Neiman’s


Born Under Fire

Tour Begins May 20th

Book Summary

Born Under Fire is a historical novel that tells the story of a girl coming of age and her drive to excel despite the devastating effects of long-term war. Born in Jerusalem under British rule in 1928, Shula grows up in a world in turmoil as Hitler rises to power and nations enter into war. Amid a landscape of ancient stone ruins next to modern Bauhaus architecture, and desert scrub ending at newly verdant farmlands, Shula grows into her independence as the State of Israel is born. Based on historical documents and events, Born Under Fire is also about the context surrounding the founding of the State of Israel, as well as the horrors and dangers of growing up in a conflict zone. Shula battles grief and depression due to the shattering events affecting her, her family, and the entire world. Despite this struggle, her resilient spirit enables her to reach great heights as a concert pianist..


Print Length: 258 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-13: 978-1986349147

ISBN-10: 1986349144


Born Under Fire is now available to purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Thrift Books.


Praise for Born Under Fire


“I went to high school in Israel in the late 50’s and heard many personal stories about the early years and the struggle for independence. Your book makes these years really come alive. Also, most of my relatives’ tales were set in Kibbutzim and rural Palestine. Your book describes life in Tel Aviv as just as heroic. Lastly, I share your mother’s love for Yemenite embroidery and am happy that your book calls attention to this beautiful art form.”


Vita Hollander


“This lovely coming of age story provides a view into the challenges, conflicts and dilemmas facing the European Jews fleeing Hitler’s reach and trying to make Palestine their home. It pulls no punches and honestly acknowledges the dilemmas posed by the creation of this new country, but as it tells the story from the eyes of a young girl, we see those intricacies as she would have seen them, allowing the reader an understanding not only of historical events that readers may not be aware of (the proposed partition, the ethical dilemma posed by Jewish terrorist groups, etc.) but also of the emotional journey of these refugees and their children. This story is an important reminder of the effects of war and provides a critical piece of history necessary for understanding the world today.”


Nima M. Vincent via, 5 out of 5 star review


“This story drew me in from the very first page. The vivid descriptions of smell, sights and taste, longing, disappointment and joy, evoked real emotion and made me wish I were sitting at the kitchen table with Shula and her aunts. I appreciated the many history lessons tucked into the adventures, and was relieved to discover details about this time period without being burdened by the author’s politics.”


Lisa Fliegel via, 5 out of 5 star review


About the Author, Rina Z. Neiman


Rina Z. Neiman is a writer, event producer and public relations professional. Born Under Fire is based on the true story of her mother, Shulamit Dubno Neiman, a Sabra, a musician and one of the first generation of modern-day Israelis. Rina lives in Marin County, California with her husband and son. This is her first novel.


You may find out more about the author and her book by visiting the website Also, you may find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


— Blog Tour Dates


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Guest Author Spotlight: Deborrah Cooper

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Hello Bookworms,

I know it has been a while since I blogged but I’m getting BOOKWORM back up and running and hope to have fresh content on a regular basis again. As I promised before this blog is about ALL THINGS BOOKS. That means content about books, authors, and anything other current events in the book, writing, and publishing worlds. In keeping with that promise, today I’m featuring a Q&A from well known author and advice columnist (as well as fellow blogger)Deborrah Cooper. I have been a follower of her YouTube channel and advice column for a few years now and I hope you will this Q&A as informative as I did and want to check out her blog  AND buy a book.

Q: I made your acquaintance because of an article you wrote that made the national news (I saw it on Michael Baisden’s Facebook page). The name of the article was “The Black Church: How Churches Keep African American Women Single and Lonely”. You also wrote a book on the subject called The Black Church: Where Women Pray and Men Prey, which I read and found very interesting. Your background is as a relationship expert. What made you decide to tackle this subject?

My primary market is African American women. And over the years I’d noticed a consistent pattern with the women who came to my AOL and web pages who were single – the majority were frequent church goers and said they believed in the word of the bible. Connecting the dots between the things the sistahs were telling me they were being told in church by their pastors, and the high number of single black women looking for their God-sent husband to be a church goer too – it was easy to see that they were being duped by the millions into believing in and hoping for something that was never gonna happen.

Black men, unless gay, married, damaged, very young or very old (and undesirable for marriage by a woman seeking a husband and children), are the only men up in churches. I wanted to point out the contradictions in the messages being given to single black women and the reality of the church environment. I also wanted to highlight the benefits that black pastors received from having hundreds or even thousands of single black women in their churches. Ultimately though, whether a black woman decided to go to church is her business. My goal was simply to point out that what you believe something is about, is not always what it really is.

Q: Can you expound a little more on your education and expertise in the area of relationship advice? What made you decide to become a relationship coach?

My major in college was communications, with a minor in psychology. I’ve always been a great listener – able to hear what people say as well as what they don’t say, and then ask some really hard-hitting questions that dug deep and get to the root of people’s issues within just a few minutes. That’s a skill set I’ve had since I was five years old my mom and aunts say, so I can honestly say I was born with this expertise. I believe that our path in live is fate. I didn’t choose to be a relationship coach – it chose me. People came to me for help, understanding, support, encouragement and guidance. I was able to provide it, and to do a really good job of understanding not only their problem, but how they got themselves into that mess in the first place. Based upon their belief systems, experiences, the mental messages they fed themselves, socialization – all kinds of things come into play to make us desire the things we desire, and make the choices that we make. My goal has always been to guide people, especially black women, to take a look at their choices with an open mind and ask themselves why. Who told you this was the best way to do things? The right way? Who told you that you had to say, look, act, talk, walk wear these things to get approval? Why do you feel you need others okay to be who and what you are? These and many other very probing questions form the basis of the advice that I give.

Q: I see that your latest book is about the vegan lifestyle. Can you describe it and discuss what made you transition into that lifestyle?

Hey my name is Ms. HeartBeat! Whether that heart is beating from love, or beating from health – the fact remains that the heart is central to the health and longevity of the body. I help guide sistahs to a healthier lifestyle in two ways – through diet and exercise (I was a nationally

certified Senior personal trainer for 13 years), and through education and advice about their interpersonal relationships. To me they tie together, as health encompasses the entire body our hearts and our minds. Black people are killing themselves with greasy, high sodium fast foods and chemically laden packaged imitation food products. Our ancestors never ate like that! Look at how many of us have high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, and diabetes! Look at all the kidney dialysis companies in black neighborhoods! We are killing ourselves with food and I thought it was high time to bring this to the attention of women who cook for their husbands and families. You cannot in good conscience keep giving them that garbage food and calling it love. I wanted to provide black people with options for eating an animal free diet with flavors that their palate was used to. That’s why I took a lot of my grandmother’s and aunt’s recipes, removed the salt pork, butter and bacon fat, and made them vegan. They taste very similar but have zero cholesterol, one-third or less of the sodium, and all of the flavor of the originals.

Q: If you would like to, you can use this space to promote one your works or your advice blog (shameless plug)

LOL! I would like to invite single women looking to understand why they’ve chosen the men they have and how to make better choices going forward to visit my blog and You Tube channel.

The blog, Surviving Dating (, is designed for mature singles 30+. There is info for dating after divorce, as a single parent with one or more children, how to avoid becoming a “baby momma”, and how to figure out what it is you really NEED in a man vs what you’ve been wasting time with.

My You Tube channel was dormant for a few years while I wrote books, but I’ve finally revived it this past summer. I created a series of 25 videos exposing The Games Black Men Play to Make Black Women Jump Through Hoops. I talked about everything from why black men promote that “give a broke brotha a chance!” Mess to the men who manipulate women’s minds and behavior by holding marriage out as a carrot. Find all 95 of the videos on my channel at

Upcoming WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Book Tour for Jackie Rod’s “Georgia Stories on my Mind”

Hello BookWorms;

Like I said this past Friday night on Eclectic Weekends, BookWorm will be hosting another blog book tour for WOW (Women on Writing) in January. This post is my preview of the book and a little information about the author. The tour will last from January 13, 2020 through February 16, 2020 and BookWorm will be participating January 25 and February 8. On the 25th, I’ll post my review and BookWorm will be giving away a free copy of Georgia Stories on my Mind so enter to win. I’ll give details on how to when as we get closer to the date.

February 8th will be an interview with Ms. Rod and a guest post on writing tips from our featured author.

Here’s some additional information about the book and the author:

WOW! Women on Writing Presents

A Book Blog Tour for:

 Georgia Stories on My Mind

 Tour Starts January 13th

Ends February 16th

 About the Book

 Come visit Georgia within these pages as you read heartwarming stories shaped by local traditions and legends. The characters live life to the fullest through joys and hardships. Inhale the essence of Georgia’s revitalized small town squares while eating hand- scooped ice cream on a park bench. Each town has its own magic. Sometimes the most real things in life are things we cannot see but those that deeply touch us, as the folks in these tales learn. Share smiles and shed tears as you travel the curving road of life with these Georgia characters. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience of hope, faith, trust, reconciliation, and love?


About the Author, Jackie Rod

Jackie Rod–fiction writer, loving wife of a legal beagle, and mother of three children who have blessed her with seven fantastic grandchildren.She taught thirty-one years while raising her family. Married to the love of her life, a retired federal judge, she has three wonderful children and seven brilliant grandchildren.  She earned Master’s Degrees in History, Psychology and Education from Oglethorpe University and Georgia State University, graduated summa cum laude, and is listed in Who’s Who of Colleges and Universities of America.

After Jackie retired from teaching her love of words and stories led her to begin writing fiction. Jackie’s stories have been used in university psychology classes to teach relationships: family, friends, and significant others. Reading and traveling enrich her life, and she jumps at the opportunity to attend writing conferences and workshops all over the U.S. She belongs to Romance Writers of America, Atlanta Writers Club, Georgia Romance Writers, Georgia Writers Association, NOLA STARS, and Walton Writers.

You can find Jackie at:                                                                                                                                                                                         www.LinkedIn/com/in/jackie-rod-32bba255                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

I look forward to y’all participating in this tour with me. If you would like information on having your blog participating in a tour leave your information in my comment section. Love y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Book Tour for Hugh Fritz’s Novel “Made to be Broken”

Hello BookWorms;

This month’s contribution to the tour is an interview with author Hugh Fritz. Mr. Fritz will discuss genies, writing as a profession, and advice for future (female) writers. As always, make him feel welcome, ask lots of questions, and comment all you want.

The next blog book tour, BookWorm will be participating in is for author Jackie Rod’s book Georgia Stories on my Mind in January (25th) and February (8th). It sounds like it might be an anthology series. So I look forward to reading it, interviewing her, and reviewing it for you.

Here’s my interview with Mr. Fritz:

Q: What made you choose this subject matter?

I chose all-powerful Genies as main characters to make setting up the suspense more challenging. I purposefully overpowered them by giving them rapid healing, exceptional speed and strength, and to top it all off, magical powers. All those things made it difficult to come up with a villain capable of threatening them physically, which provided motivation to develop them internally. The story progresses because the Genies have a strong attachment to people who do not share their abilities. I feel like this gave the story more depth, and helped readers connect with the characters, whether they were Genies or ordinary people.

Q: What made you choose writing as a profession?

Writing has been a fun way to research topics that I probably would normally not consider looking into. Even when working on a fantasy novel I try to base some of it on reality. While working on this story, the character who gave me the most to research was Soleil. I spent a lot of time looking into how different toxins affect people, although I tried to avoid getting too technical when working them into scenes where he poisoned people.

Q: Do you have any advice for future writers? Especially women?

If you’re like me you have a lot of story ideas and are worried you will never have time to write them all, or are not sure which one to write first. Instead of treating each idea as its own story, you might want to consider mashing them together. If you like crime dramas, try imagining a character from one story being considered a suspect for a something that happened in another, or if you’re into young adult novels, try having two characters find out they go to the same school.

I considered this while reading J.A. Konrath’s books. Once in a while his characters make a phone call to someone in a different book that he wrote. It made his books more interesting so I tried doing something similar. I enjoy writing action scenes so I thought about what a fight between my Genies and characters in some of my other stories would look like. It was so much fun that I introduced two new characters in the epilogue of Made to Be Broken. (So technically this series is a crossover, but it consists of material that was never released). I feel like this was the right decision because if I did not write about the Old Ticker now I probably never would have gotten to him later, and my initial idea for Inspector R.E.D. was not nearly as exciting as Mystic Rampage. Time can be difficult to manage, and sometimes the only way for a character to see the light of day is to throw them into another universe.

Q: Use this space to give yourself a shameless plug about this work/any other works/your


I would like to give a shout-out to other authors who have been critiquing my work and without them I would not be published.

Suicidals Are the True Believers by Sean P. Hall is available on Amazon. It’s a futuristic science fiction novel that is disturbing and twisted, but in a good way.

Marie Parks is working on an urban fantasy called The Grigori Books which is expected to be published soon. You can Google her name and the word “Grigori” for more information.

Soul Crossing is a web comic by Mia Casesa and can be found on Web Toons. She has been working on the artwork and the text for a long time and it is a fantastic story.

About Hugh Fritz:

Find out more about Hugh at his great website:

 ·         Print Length: 264 pages

·         Publisher: Golden Word Books (May 5, 2019)

·         Publication Date: May 5, 2019

·         ISBN-10: 1 948749432

WOW (Women of Writing) Blog Book Tour for Antoinette Truglio Martin’s “Hug Everyone You Know “


Hello BookWorms;

Today is my third leg of my participation in WOW”s (Women on Writing) blog book tour for Antoinette Truglio Martin’s Hug Everyone You Know. This book is an excellent read click on the picture above to hear my thoughts about it.

The remaining dates for Mrs. Martin’s tours are:

November 3rd @ Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde

Visit Lindsey’s blog today and you can read her review of Antoinette Truglio Martin’s book Hug Everyone You Know.

 November 4th @ Strength 4 Spouses

Visit Wendi’s blog again where you can read Antoinette Truglio Martin’s guest post about keeping a positive mindset during a health crisis.

 November 5th @ Life Like a Galaxy Girl

Be sure to visit Alanna’s blog where you can read her review of Antoinette Truglio Martin’s book Hug Everyone You Know.

 November 6th @ 12 Books

Stop by Louise’s blog again where you can Antoinette Truglio Martin’s guest post featuring 5 books to keep you motivated during difficult times.

 November 8th @ Author Anthony Avina Blog

Stop by Anthony’s blog where you can read his review of Antoinette Truglio Martin’s touching book Hug Everyone You Know


Hug Everyone You Know 
is now available to purchase on
 Amazon.comBarnes and Noble, and  IndieBound.


As always, make Mrs. Martin feel welcome, ask as many questions as you like.  And comment all you want.

Love y’all  ❤️❤️❤️
Anjanette Potter

WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Book Tour for Antoinette Truglio Martin’s “Hug Everyone You Know “ (week 2)

Hello BookWorms;

This is the second leg of BookWorm’s participation WOW’S blog book tour for Antoinette Truglio Martin’s Hug Everyone You Know. Today’s post is a double feature of a guest post and interview so you get read Ms Martin’s thoughts in her words.

The guest post topic is “5 Tips for Writing Your Memoir”. In it, Ms. discusses time management, accountability, and direction.

In our interview, we discuss how she arrived at the subject matter, her decision to become a writer, and her advice to future writers (especially women). Make her feel welcome like you always do, ask lots of questions, and comment all y’all want. Be blessed.

The Guest Post

Five Tips For Writing Your Memoir

 You decided to write a memoir chronicling your life experiences. You have a compelling story ready to tell. You know the story so well. You have talked about it and retold it for so long. The only problem is writing it. There are a million and one strategies that profess a tried and true method to write a memoir. I have found a few that worked for me when I wrote Hug Everyone You Know. 

1. Carve out time in your day dedicated to your memoir project. Use the time to research (there is always research), organize your workspace and notes, and actually write. I am in awe of writers who can spend six to eight hours each day writing. My personal life and attention span do not allow for that amount of time expenditure, so I am thrilled if I get an hour here, 45 minutes there. No matter your time restraints, know that if you are driven the memoir will get written, eventually.
2. Beginning your memoir with action. I learned that a good story always starts with a dynamic scene. Identify the active hook that can bring readers into your story by page one. Background information and details could be woven within the memoir as the story progresses.
3. Keep your voice consistent, yet readable. Although the story is your story told in your cadence and lilt, it must be understandable. I find reading my work out loud to be very helpful. While writing my memoir, I could be heard reading the text over and over. If it doesn’t sound fluent, it will not read smoothly. 
4. Set up an outline or timeline. A visual line of events helps keep scenes in order. There are several apps and software that provide templates and cues to optimize outlining. I am stuck in a dark ages skill set and prefer paper, pen, and Post-it notes. Organization will help move your story along and to an end.
5. Find writing buddies. Writing is a lonely business. Fellow writers, who are just as dedicated to the craft, can be your strongest assets when writing. While composing my memoir, My group included three women working on separate book projects. We met every two to three weeks to share our progress and writing angst. I could not have finished my memoir without them. Fellow writers with kind critiques and fresh insights will help develop your story to be the best it can ever be.

The Interview:

Q: What made you choose this subject matter?

During the first year of breast cancer treatment, I journaled all of my rage, angst, gratitude, and plans. I corresponded with my family and friends (My Everyone) through emails so I would not have to hear or say those cancer words any more than necessary. I thought that once I had completed treatment, I would write a memoir. It would be a whimsical tale complete with humor and a happy ending (I survived). For years, I took out the journal and collection of emails, then abandon the whole project. There was too much fear and I did not want to relive it. I was healthy, bit wiser, and happy to live my life without that menace. 

Then, within five years, I was re-diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. This is the forever type that eventually kills the body. I was really scared. I resurrected the journal and emails and began the memoir journey. While reading back over my journal and emails, and writing, I began to see that I really was brave because of the incredible love and support from My Everyone. They made sure I was going to be part of the life story.  Because of My Everyone, I was brave enough to write the memoir.

As I was writing and sharing excerpts, I was given kind and constructive feedback. Many exclaimed that this was a story that needed to be told. This was a story that was important. It could offer so much hope to so many. It was not only for women with breast cancer. It spoke to all women, men, and the families and friends who have been touched by cancer. I hoped that my book gives others hope and courage to reach out to their communities and live a life full of stories.


Q: What made you choose writing as a profession?

I cannot claim that I am a professional writer since I have not been able to quit the day job to write full time. As a child I had always said I wanted to be a writer when I grow up—still do.

 Q: Do you have any advice for future writers? Especially women?

Keep writing.  Make writing part of your identity. Find a group of like minded writers and be sure to share and read each other’s work. Go to a conference. Hone the craft.


Q: Use this space to give yourself a shameless plug about this work/any other works/your website(blog)?

I am always working on something. Currently, I am collecting family stories. My website, Stories Served Around The Table (, features stories that have been told and retold.  I am fascinated by my family’s immigrant tales and how my parents grew up in Brooklyn, New York. My mother’s side.


WOW Blog Book Tour for “Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer” by Antoinette Truglio Martin

Hello BookWorms;

This month (and next) BookWorm is participating in another two blog tours with our friends at WOW (Women on Writing). Our October offering is Antoinette Truglio Martin’s Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer.

Here’s the press kit and tour dates:

WOW! Women on Writing Presents

A Book Blog Tour for:

Hug Everyone You Know

Tour Starts October 7th

Ends November 10th

About the Book

In 2007, Martin believed her call back doctor appointment was routine, maybe a scare, nothing worse. Her shock at receiving a Stage I breast cancer diagnosis was instantly compounded by her own deep fears. As a self-described wimp—afraid of needles and uncomfortable with sedation—how was she going to get through this?

Antoinette started her fight against cancer with words. She began by journaling and by writing emails to Her Everyone—the large close-knit family and circle of beloved friends wanting to offer their support, especially those who were fighting breast cancer alongside her. The emails not only helped to keep Her Everyone informed, they gave cancer less of a presence in Antoinette’s life, since she wasn’t repeatedly updating people or saying the word “cancer” over and over. The practice of writing calmed her and also gave her space to focus on living: on the house that wasn’t selling, an exciting new job, daughters in college, and summer beach plans. She signed every email with the reminder to “hug everyone you know.”

Those emails and journal entries are at the heart of this memoir, which give the book an immediacy and raw power.

HUG EVERYONE YOU KNOW is a memoir about how Antoinette found the courage to navigate her first year of breast cancer treatment. It’s the story of how a community—colleagues, family, friends—rallied to support her. The book is moving, brave, informative, and occasionally funny—and it speaks to us all.

Praise for Hug Everyone You Know

“…a well-written, concise telling of what it’s like to be hit with a cancer diagnosis and the human thoughts that accompany it, like ‘how do I tell the family?’ and ‘what do I tell them?…. In five words: she writes a good story…. Martin’s persona is optimistic; you just want to hang around her and it’s that attitude that got her through. Not surprisingly, gratefulness is part of her mantra. So are hugs.”—The Suffolk County News

“Filled with fresh air, light, and life, Hug Everyone You Know is an intimate conversation with an intelligent, funny survivor. The voice rings true, and the insights resonate well beyond the cancer moment. Highly recommended.”—Joni Rodgers, NYT bestselling author of Bald in the Land of Big Hair

“… a compelling memoir about the importance of community while navigating a life crisis such as cancer. As an oncology nurse and a cancer survivor myself, I found Martin’s writing to be a refreshingly real depiction of life as a cancer patient. Her writing is a testimony to the endurance of the human spirit, the importance of love and community, and the need for hope every day of the journey.”—Lee Ambrose, StoryCircle Book Reviews

“Martin used journaling and emails to “My Everyone,” her group of close family and friends, to get through her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from early-stage breast cancer….The account reveals the value of keeping a journal as a means of coping with one’s fears and acknowledges the support Martin received through sharing her experience rather than trying to shield others from her illness.”—Library Journal

“…how does one wake up from a nightmare like Stage 1 breast cancer? For Antoinette Truglio Martin, the answer was in her community — her family, friends, and close “everyone.” In this memoir, she documents how staying connected with the people in her life helped her to find the courage to embrace her reality and to transform it into a life-giving experience….Martin writes with natural humor and readers will find a lot of encouragement and hope in her writing. This book will show readers the power of human connectivity and how sharing our experience can become an inspiring journey, not only for those who listen to us, but for us who live it….a gift to receive, use and pass on. This book will give readers the strength and the inspiration to name their suffering and to triumph over it. It’s exciting, informative and, above all, entertaining.”—Christian Sia, Reader’s Favorite

“ . . . really great.  She has a way of writing that really captured my attention and brought me into her “story”.  I felt like her best friend at the end . . . .”—Kathryn Gates-Ferris, MS, MPA, CHt, Avon Project Director

“This is a great story: inventive, informative, and irresistibly readable. Quite an accomplishment when the subject is cancer. Brava.”―Odette Heideman, Editor, Epiphany Magazine

“This is a beautifully and honestly written account of the challenges that face women and families confronting a breast cancer diagnosis. It passionately illustrates the ability of women and their ‘Everyone’s’ to find their strength and demonstrate their love.”—Karen Schmitt, MA, BSN, Director, Cancer Services Program of Manhattan New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia Executive Director, CARE Shared Resource Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

“…Being in the medical field, it’s a shot of reality seeing it from the patients’ point of view, with the day-in and day-out struggles of life compounded with the diagnosis. This book brought a face to breast cancer and I feel privileged and honored that she shared it with me. I will hug everyone I know, now and forever.”—Barbara M. O’Brien RN, Director of Cancer Services Program of Staten Island, Staten Island University Hospital

“…beautifully captures the terror and anxiety—as well as the awkwardness and occasional humor—that follow a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the salvation to be found in the love and support of family and friends.”—Andrew Botsford, Editor and Visiting Professor, Stony Brook Southampton MFA in Creative Writing & Literature

“ . . . really great.  She has a way of writing that really captured my attention and brought me into her “story”.  I felt like her best friend at the end . . . .”—Kathryn Gates-Ferris, MS, MPA, CHt, Avon Project Director

About the Author

Antoinette Truglio Martin is a life-long Long Islander, teacher, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. She is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer—a memoir chronicling her first year battling breast cancer as a wimpy patient. Personal experience essays and excerpts of her memoir were published in Bridges, Visible Ink, and The Southampton Review. Martin proudly received her MFA in creative writing and literature from Stony Brook/Southampton University in 2016. Antoinette had also written the children’s picture book, Famous Seaweed Soup (Albert Whitman and Company), and was a regular columnist for local periodicals Parent Connections (In a Family Way) and Fire Island Tide (Beach Bumming). Her blog, Stories Served Around The Table, tells family tales and life’s musings. She lives in her hometown of Sayville, New York with her husband, Matt, and is never far from her “Everyone” and the beaches she loves. Since being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2012, she strives to not let cancer to dictate her life.

Follow her at and

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